Rules and Regulations

  1. Check out time 9:00 am morning.
  2. Rs 1000 and ID card to be deposited as an advance at the time of rent.
  3. Please give one day notice before leaving the guest house and payment must be done before 9:00 pm.
  4. Liquor, gambling & unsocial activities are strictly prohibited inside the guest house.
  5. Boarder's guest will not be allowed after 8:00 pm.
  6. Management is not responsible for the loss of mobiles, cash money, jewelery etc.
  7. The gate will be closed at 10:00 pm.
  8. High volume sound from TV and other music system which will disturb other boarders are strictly prohibited.
  9. The boarder should compensate for any damage of the guest house properties
  10. Avoid switching on the tube lights/lamps during the day time.
  11. Greasers should be used only between 8:00 am to 10:00 am at addition charges.
  12. Rest of AC at 6 am to 10 am & 6 pm to 9 pm.
  13. The boarder should be pay Rs 1000/- as fine for unauthorized use of electrical goods except mobile chargers.
  14. Boarders are requested to take help of house manager, if required.
  15. Please put off the light & fan before leaving the guest house.

Detailed description of goods and/or services

Kanka Tourist Lodge in Purulia, is a business in the Hospitality industry that markets accommodation in a Guest House and B&B. Kanka Tourist Lodge will not act as an agent to prospective guests for any other services to be rendered by a third party.

Delivery policy

Subject to availability and receipt of payment, requests will be processed within two days and reservation confirmed by way of email or phone.

Return and Refunds policy

The provision of goods and services by Kanka Tourist Lodge is subject to availability. In cases of unavailability, Kanka Tourist Lodge will inform the client within 3 days. Refunds in terms of the “deposit and cancellation policies” will only take place after formal confirmation of the validity of the original transaction by both initiating and the receiving bank authorities.

Deposit and Cancellation policies

A deposit of 50% on reservation. If cancelled: 0-2 days prior to arrival, forfeit 100% of deposit and refund would be 0%; 3-14 days prior to arrival, forfeit 15% of deposit and refund would be 85% ; 15+ days prior to arrival, forfeit 0% refund would be 100% of the deposited amount.

Customer privacy policy

Kanka Tourist Lodge shall take all reasonable steps to protect the personal information of users.

Payment options accepted

Payment may be made by cash, cheque, NEFT or bank draft in favour of "Kanka Tourist Lodge" bank account, the details of which is provided bellow

Account Name
: Kanka Tourist Lodge
Bank Name
: ***********
: ***********
Account No
: ***********
: ***********


Kanka Tourist Lodge may, in its sole discretion, change this agreement or any part thereof at any time without notice.

Room Category

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DOUBLE BEDDED AC (contact hotel desk for room rates)

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